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SATAjet X 5500

Economical. Quiet. Revolutionary X-jet system.

The SATAjet X 5500 is the latest SATA paint spray gun for the highest demands. With the X nozzle system, painters are able to cope with all paint systems and application recommendations. In addition, the whispering nozzle noticeably reduces the volume and gives body shops a softer, more pleasant painting feeling - all this with reduced material consumption.

12 - 29 PSI
1,1 "I"
1,1 "O"
1,2 "I"
1,2 "O"
1,3 "I"
1,4 "I"
1,4 "O"
1,5 "I" (HVLP ONLY)
1,5 "O" (HVLP ONLY)