Paint Masks

S&S Finishing Systems was originally established in June 1993 as a Binks spray equipment & Uryu pneumatic assembly equipment distributor. The intention of the name of the company was in the hope that our boys would eventually participate in the business.


In 2002 ITW acquired the rights to manufacture Binks & DeVilbiss Brand spray equipment establishing an intent of both brands being distributed through a United Distribution Network. With S&S Finishing Systems being the Binks Brand Distributor & Rontier Industrial the DeVilbiss Brand Distributor conversations took place to develop a method of blending the two companies. The result was Sheila and Brad purchasing Rontier and Incorporating as 1530857 Ontario Inc. operating as Rontier Industrial Supply and S&S Finishing Systems.  We ended up merging the two businesses together continuing operating as Rontier Industrial Supply as it was the older operating business established in 1977 and with a larger customer base.


With two of our sons joining the organization and the restructuring of our business as a Finishing Supply House the decision has been made to revert to S&S Finishing Systems effective April 1st, 2021.

Wagner GA 1030 Now Available At S&S Finishing Systems

GA 1030

Automatic Air Spray Gun

The automatic air spray gun TOPFINISH GA 1030 provides excellent atomizing properties and a high-quality spray pattern. The universal spray gun is particularly low-wear and enables process-safe coating in continuous operation.



Superior Coating Quality


  • Precisely manufactured air caps optimized for every nozzle and needle size
  • Optimized air passage design
  • Precise adjustment of the material flow via needle adjustment knob









Longer Lasting Components

  • Two-piece nozzle: only the low-cost tip needs to be replaced
  • Needle with wear-resistant and low friction coating
  • The optimized, extra durable needle packing


up to 




Savings in Material Consumption

  • Transfer efficiency of up to 88%
  • Particularly low paint mist thanks to optimized air channel



Perfect Integration

  • Direct mounting or via various adapters
  • Back and side connections for flexible hosing
  • Internal or external air control
  • With or without circulation
  • Dump valve as an option



SATA Air Vision Now at S&S Finishing Systems 


S&S is proud to announce we have expanded our products to provide respiratory & personal protective products. We now offer NIOSH-approved systems ranging from a belt pack supplied air mask to complete packages designed to feed multiple operators with clean CO monitored breathing air.

The SATA air vision 5000 puts the focus on effective health protection and lets you experience a whole new and comfortable way of breathing, due to a completely re-designed breathing air supply system. With its modern, ergonomic design, the hood can be adapted to fit almost any head shape, allowing the individual adjustment of its effective circumference, height, and position.




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