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SATA Air Vision 5000

Safe. Comfortable. Quiet.

The SATA air vision 5000 offers a completely redesigned way of supplied breathing air. The breathing hood not only ensures high breathing air quality but also a low noise level. The modern, ergonomic design fits with almost any head shape and can be individually adjusted in size, height and position.


Product Benefits:

  • Absolute safety through the external supply of clean air to the cabin – up to 100 times TRK value and suitable for continuous use
  • No inhalation resistance, very comfortable breathing
  • Ergonomic design with individual adjustment options and one-hand operation of the visor
  • Little operating costs, quick pay-off of purchase costs
  • Soft-stream flow-optimized air distribution in the hood
  • Reduced sound level: 64 dB (like a conversation in 1m distance)
  • The SATA CCS Disks (Color Code System) allow personalizing hood, SATA air regulator, and SATA air carbon regulator